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M1 Industrial area
Type: Industrial-Services

Mutlaa City

Mutlaa is situated to the northwest of Kuwait City approximately 38 km from the down town, between the Saad Al Abdullah Al Sabah road and Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Road. M1Industial Zone is located within the industrial strip in Mutlaa City. The proposed facility is bounded to the East by highway 80 and to the West by residential areas N1 and N2. 

Design Strategy

The design strategy is focused on four important areas including:

-Safety and Functional aspects: by focusing on meeting all the standards and requirements and that the complex will respond to all functional needs of its users in the most efficient way.

-Sustainable aspects: by trying to minimize the environmental impacts and using the maximum passive strategies as possible.

-Humane aspects ; by putting the users first and focusing on their health and safety as well as how they will experience and relate to the project.

-Aesthetic aspects: by creating a visibly pleasant architecture inspired by traditional Bazar.

Landscape gives visitors a warm welcome to the area and a place to relax. The Project is developed in the following areas:

• The Balconies & Roofs – Provides an open and friendly space that allows users enjoy excellent views. Visitors can enjoy the view of a green garden instead of hard and grey colored conventional roofing.

• Traditional courtyard – Internal patios allow the entrance of daylight in internal building areas while creating a calm, warm and attractive environment.

• Entrances AND Buildings Surrounds– Exterior landscaped planting will be utilized fulfill both functional and ornamental objectives.

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